Recent Publications

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More Publications

. A Top-Down Approach to Estimating Spatially Heterogeneous Impacts of Development Aid on Vegetative Carbon Sequestration. Sustainability, 2017.


. A multi-criteria geographic information systems approach for the measurement of vulnerability to climate change. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change, 2017.


. Indigenous land rights and deforestation: Evidence from the Brazilian Amazon. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2017.


Undergraduate Opportunities

Undergraduates interested in working on research projects during their time at William and Mary can visit my research group’s page - - to learn more about research opportunities. You can also sign up to be a member of the lab at the bottom of ; more information is available on the sign up form.

I recommend that interested students take coursework from the Data Science Program ( at William and Mary to prepare them for their time in the lab. Additionally, quantitative coursework in economics and basic geospatial analysis skills taught in the Center for Geospatial Analysis can make your application more competitive.

Ph.D. Opportunities

Funded Ph.D. graduate student positions are available to participate in a research program (AidData ; to assist in developing new machine learning and remote sensing techniques for estimating the impacts of international aid across the globe. Successful candidates will have a strong interest in high performance computation for the synthesis and analysis of spatial data; integration of survey- and satellite-based data; methods to account for spatial imprecision and concomitant uncertainty; and machine learning analytic techniques. Projects will have a strong, applied focus on causal identification of the impacts of spatially-referenced international aid projects on a variety of outcome measurements; students should expect and be prepared to interact directly with policymakers as a part of their Ph.D. activities.

Research assistanships include a competitive stipend, tuition and health benefits. Additional resources about the program include the Applied Science Website ( and the William and Mary graduate admissions page ( As a top public research university, William and Mary offers Arts & Sciences graduate degree programs that are highly selective, involve close collaboration with faculty members, and provide opportunities for interdisciplinary study. Students in the natural and computational sciences are encouraged to take advantage of William and Mary’s strong connections with research laboratories and consortia in the area. Review of applications begins annually each year in early February.